Smoothing Threads

Like lifting threads, smooth threads induce your body’s natural collagen formation, except smooth threads are much smaller and offer no “lift.”  Used in areas where we’d want to “fill” only and to add tensile strength in the way of new collagen.  Common uses are for areas of tired, crepey skin, common around the eyes, the upper lip, the hollows of the cheeks, under the chin and around the mouth.  Dr. Hughes particularly loves them at the lip borders to sharpen anatomy, philtral columns, nasiolabial folds, stubborn forehead lines like those 11’s you started treating too late with Botox, perioral wrinkling and acne scarring.  As with any treatment where collagen induction is the primary goal, certain areas may need a series of 2-3 treatments (like perioral lines, nasolabial folds, or forehead lines) and area of acne scarring may take closer to 4-6 treatments depending on the severity or the case and the desired goal.  Collagen induction is gradual so recall that best results are seen once the body has had time to produce said collagen (3-6 months following the final treatment). // $$ Price is dependent on the treatment area(s) & the difficulty of the case in regards to how many threads will be needed to achieve the desired result but the average smooth thread session is around $300 w/ pre-paid money saving packages available on a case-by-case basis once the number of sessions for your particular case is determined.  Enhancement to the lip borders w/o need for treatment of perioral lines typically only requires one session.  A consultation to determine your candidacy & individualized treatment needs would be required at which point your comprehensive beauty plan including treatment pricing would be presented. 

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