PMU Lips

Dr. Hughes is trained in a variety of PMU lip techniques including lip liners, full color, lip blush (a nice natural color perfect for a natural, flushed look—think of that perfect nude lipsick), and ombre lip shading.  PMU lips are ideal for those patients who like the look of lip color but like the feel of only a chapstick or lip moisturizer.  This way you can concentrae on what feels the best on your lips knowing your color is there either way. This is a great procedure to correct uneven lips and complements Dr. Hughes’ famous lip enhancement prodecures (Juvederm dermal fillers) so well.

***Please note that in these cases the ideal sequence is PMU lips then lip fillers.   


$750 (includes two touch-up appointments)

Dr. Hughes includes two touch-up appointments free of charge.  The touch-ups must be completed within 8 weeks of the initial service (around week 6 is best) or else there will an be an additional fee for the touchup appointments.

Any uneven healing or perfecting of the lips can be acomplished in the included follow-up sessions.  Any further touch-ups requested by the patient after the included touch-up sessions will be at an addtional cost to the patient.

How long does it last?

You should have realistic expectations as to the mainenance of your PMU—it will fade and the shade will change as your body breaks down the ink, therefore to think that this is a one and done type of procedure is not realistic.  To keep it looking it’s best, you will need to have your PMU lips redone every 3-5 years.

No matter the technique employeed, much of the result depends on your own healing process, how your body metabolizes the pigment, and sometimes most importantly, your after-care.

When the procedure is redone, it is subject to the same fees as a new procedure as it is the same workload at this point as a new procedure.

Before & After

Browse through our Instagram feed and make sure you’re tuning in to our Insta storylines to look through our casework.  Dr. Hughes often explains the procedures in- depth on our story and loves to answer questions through our Instagram direct messaging.  You can catch our before & afters on Facebook too, but you’ll miss most of our information if you’re missing those Instagram stories.

How to Schedule

Dr. Hughes does not do initial PMU cases during our regular patient hours as she wants to concentrate on only you with these procedures.  Because of this, we have a limited schedule for PMU procedures and it fills quickly.  Knowing there is a waiting list for some days, we require a $100 deposit when scheduling these appointments to prevent our schedule from filling with those patients who aren’t sure of the procedure yet and may no-show after having taken an appointment that another patient would have gladly filled.  Your deposit will be applied toward your PMU procedure when the procedure is complete.

Call our office at 270-866-4101 during business hours or click the “request appointment” button to the right of your screen to schedule your appointment.

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