Esthetic Dentures


Esthetic Complete Dentures (“False Teeth” or “Plates”)

Dentures are prosthetic devices to replace missing teeth. Conventional dentures are supported and retained by surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity, but today dental implants can be used for better retention and stabilization of the dentures. Dentures are custom-made for the patient’s mouth and may be further customized to add characterization to lend a more natural-look.  Dr. Hughes specializes in a very esthetic, natural looking dentures and takes the time to complete several steps in order to ensure as good a fit as possible along with a good overall look.  

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Immediate VS. Conventional Complete Denture

With an immediate denture, the remaining teeth that need to be removed are done so in stages with the back teeth being removed first with a healing time being allowed prior to the start of denture fabrication so the lab has more accurate models in which to base the denture.  After healing is complete (6-8 weeks) and denture fabrication is complete, then the remaining teeth are removed and the immediate denture is delivered at this same appointment.

Pros of an immediate denture—

  • patient does not have to go without teeth through healing process

Cons of an immediate denture—

  • lab has to do a great deal of guesswork as to how the extraction sites will heal after the teeth are removed,
  • patient does not get a wax try-in (where lab sets teeth in wax so the dentist and patient can critique the set-up in the mouth together prior to any permanent processing to ensure a good fit, function and esthetic),
  • an immediate denture can often times slow down the healing process after the remaining teeth are extracted,
  • and after healing is complete, a lab reline (and therefore another charge) is required since the tissues have now shrank and the lab only guessed at the final healing.

Conventional dentures are fabricated AFTER all remaining teeth have been extracted and healing (6-8 weeks) is complete.

Pros of a conventional denture—

  • the lab has no guesswork as an exact model of the patient’s mouth can be made,
  • wax try-ins are possible since all teeth have been extracted so that the doctor and patient can review the fit, function and esthetic together to ensure they like every aspect prior to permanent processing,
  • better healing of the extraction sites in most cases, and
  • a lab reline will not be needed for years (after the bone and tissues have aged and shrank) since proper healing was completed prior to fabrication.

Cons of a conventional denture—

  • patient is completely edentulous (without teeth) through the healing period.


denture before and after

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How is My Denture Made at The Tooth Booth?

Steps for making a conventional denture:

  1. Removal of any remaining teeth and smoothing of any bone or tissue that may impede a satisfactory denture seat.
  2. Healing time (usually 6-8 weeks).
  3. Initial Impressions
  4. Custom Impressions- Made using custom impression trays made especially for you based on the initial model of your mouth.  This step ensures the good fit including upper suction.
  5. Bite Record- we record how your jaws come together and mark where the teeth should be set.  We also choose a shade for the teeth with you and determine characterizations you’d like included in your set-up to ensure a natural looking denture.  Patients are encouraged to bring pictures of their previous smile to better show Dr. Hughes and the lab what it is he/she would like to recreate.
  6. Wax Try-in- At this appointment Dr. Hughes and the patient get to preview the teeth set up in wax inside the mouth to evaluate fit, function and esthetics prior to the final processing step.  If any changes need to be made, they need to be made between this step and the processing.  Dr. Hughes encourages her patients to bring someone who’s opinion matters to them to this appointment so they can give their opinion too.  Several wax try-ins may be necessary to get the denture set-up satisfactory (typically at no extra charge to the patient), since after the patient’s approval of the set-up, any changes will result in additional fees to the patient.
  7. Processing of the denture from wax to permanent acrylic means our next step in-office is the delivery of the denture.
  8. Adjustments as needed- The Tooth Booth offers up to 3 months free denture adjustments on dentures we fabricate.
  9. Reline- after years with your denture, a lab reline may be needed since the oral tissues will be changing and shrinking over time.  Relines are an additional fee.

Steps for making an immediate denture at The Tooth Booth:

  1. Remove back teeth.
  2. Healing time (6-8 weeks)
  3. Impressions for denture fabrication.
  4. Bite registration.
  5. Remove remaining teeth and deliver denture(s) understanding that until healing is complete, the denture is really for looks only and will no function well until healing and a reline is completed.
  6. Adjustments.
  7. Temporary re-lines (additional fees) are placed until healing is complete.
  8. Permanent reline (additional fee).
  9. Adjustments as needed.
  10. Eventual reline as additional shrinkage occurs with years.

>>Note— wax try-in is not possible with an immediate denture so the lab and Dr. Hughes have to guess as best they can to set-up the teeth to the patients satisfaction.  

>>Our office only provides the service of immediate dentures in the cases of immediate TEMPORARY dentures.  This is an added charge (although not as much as the final, fitted, most esthetic denture(s)) and IS NOT covered by insurance but is typically an added, out-of-pocket expense to the patient.  

Dentures seated in the mouth.
Dentures seated in the mouth.
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