A crown is a full coverage “cap” that completely encases the natural crown of the tooth (the portion of the tooth above gum level) to protect any overly weakened tooth structure.

Crowns are especially of value on teeth with any of the following conditions:

  • a large filling,
  • multiple fillings, or
  • those teeth that have had a previous root canal treatment.

We offer crowns in a variety of materials—

  • all porcelain (fabricated entirely of tooth-colored material, these can be prepared, milled and cemented in a single appointment in our office thanks to our advanced CEREC technology),
  • porcelain fused to metal (metal substructure with a fused porcelain overlay), or
  • all metal (made entirely of base metals, a mixture of various metals, or gold).

Dr. Hughes can further explain which crown material(s) is the best alternative for your individualized needs.

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