Despite the specific technique, it has lots of names: micropigmentation, semi-permanent makeup, or permanent makeup.  No matter what you call it, one thing is for sure— you should be calling on a trained and qualified medical professional for your procedures.

Our training

Kentucky, like most states, does not heavily regulate the practices and requires no proof of training to gain a state issued tattoo license in order to set up shop so it’s important that you know the training and background of the individual providing your service(s).

Dr. Hughes has a certificate in advanced training in micropigmentation from The Vesta Academy through the Esthetic Skin Institute in Fort Laurderdale, FL where she was instructed by world-renowned permanent makeup artist and esthetician Jolie Punturiero in microblading and machined brows along with permanent eyeliners, lip liners and full lip color.  The Esthetic Skin Institute specializes in training medical professionals within the field of esthetic medical procedures.

Is it really permanent?

Yes and no.  Whether you call it micropigmentation, permanent makeup (PMU), or semi-permanent makeup (SPMU), it is not a tattoo.  It isn’t done with a tattoo gun or with tattoo ink, but it is accomplished in a tattoo-like manner and because of this it is permanent in that your PMU will never completely fade away although it will fade and require maintenance which is why perhaps “semipermanent” is a better description. There are different techniques that involve either hand working or machining (Dr. Hughes and members of her team are trained in both).  The pigment used in PMU is organic, and therefore broken down more easily by the body to prevent the harsh grey fading of tattoo ink.  Also, since proper PMU pigments are of different composition than tattoo ink, they do not spread as much as tattoo ink and therefore make the more crisp lines required for the detail work of certain PMU procedures such as the hair strokes in microblading and the lines for eyeliners and lipliners.

How is micropigmentation with us different?

Let us count the ways…..

  1. We are a medical office specializing in esthetic procedures.  Our training in bloodborn pathogens, sterilization, wound care, and all other medical facets of PMU surpasses any training that a lay person would have in the field.
  2. PMU in a medical setting is safer and cleaner.
  3. With our other experiences/credentialing in esthetic services (Botox, Juvederm, Kybella, medical-grade skincare, brow design/threading, and the subtle nuances of cosmetic dentistry), PMU was a natural fit for Dr. Hughes.
  4. HERE’S THE BIGGIE!!!!!  As a medical professional, but even more, as a medical professional specializing in the head and neck, Dr. Hughes can more adequately anesthetize you for your micropigmentation procedures being able to offer prescription anesthetics over the weaker anesthetics that non-professionals are able to offer.
  5. Nervous?  No problem.  Dr. Hughes and staff are professionally trained in managing the anxious patient thanks to their dental backgrounds.
  6. Like all our cosmetic procedures, PMU will count toward your Tooth Booth punch-card which helps earn money toward our other offered esthetic procedures like Botox, Juvederm, or Kybella.


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