Lip Augmentation

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As a full service cosmetic dentistry office, The Tooth Booth takes every aspect of your smile into account to ensure that your teeth and your surrounding facial tissues look their best.  This is why we’re happy to offer a natural looking lip augmentation/sculpting procedure with reversible injectable gel—Juvederm.  Want to see some of our work in person?  Just ask Dr. Hughes to pull down her mask OR check out our Instagram gallery (@thetoothbooth) for before/after shots. 

What is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation and sculpting procedures can be used to enhance the shape of your lips, correct asymmetries of the lips, or increase their volume, creating fuller-looking lips with more kissable area. Rather than an implant, injectable fillers (such as Juvederm®), are used to create fuller lips, and can be combined with solid filler threads or Botox, to diminish perioral wrinkles (sometimes called “Smoker’s Lines” or “Lipstick Lines”).  Enhanced lips can definitely create a more ideal smile.

Who Can Benefit?

Injectable lip augmentation procedures can treat many issues, such as:

  • Asymmetric lips
  • Thin lips
  • Flat lips
  • Small lips
  • Drooping lips
  • Wrinkles around the mouth
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Loss of fullness
  • Marionette lines
  • Drooping oral commissures
  • Laugh lines
  • Lipstick lines

The Lip Augmentation Procedure

Dr. Hughes, or a member of her team, will use a dental or nerve block for a painless filler procedure— this is one of the best parts about getting filler from an esthetic dental professional!  Using the appropriately sized needle and a special technique, the filler will be injected evenly into the appropriate area(s) of your lip. The intent is to always preserve the natural borders and appearance of your lip, therefore the material will be sculpted to ensure the ideal esthetic.

Dr. Hughes’ motto is…

“There’s a difference in a lip augmentation and a good lip augmentation—

the difference is you can’t tell when someone’s had a good one!” 

Lip Augmentation Aftercare

Following your lip augmentation treatment, you may experience very mild discomfort and swelling for a few hours and you may have some bruising for up to a week.  Dr. Hughes warns patients not to love or hate their lips for the first two post-operative weeks as there will be bruising, swelling, lumps and bumps that simply take time for healing.  Dr. Hughes and our team will see you for a follow-up appointment after two weeks of healing where results will be evaluated.  Dependent on the type of filler(s) used, results can last 3-9 months.

Cost of Treatment

juvederm packaging

Since The Tooth Booth charges per syringe of Juvederm used rather than per area, our patients see a savings!

Dependent on the type of filler and how much filler is needed, treatment can start at $250 (solid filler threads to border lips) and go up from there.  There really is no way to give an estimate for treatment until the patient along with their individual needs/goals has been evaluated for planning.  We give our patients a printed treatment plan stating the procedures/products proposed and their cost prior to initiating treatment. 


Learn More About Lip Augmentation at The Tooth Booth

To learn more about non-surgical lip augmentation at The Tooth Booth, we encourage you to call us to at 270-866-4101 to set up a consultation or click the “Request Appointment” icon to your right and we will contact you at our soonest availability.  We charge $50 for esthetic consults alone (which will be credited toward your esthetic services if you should go forward with treatment), or a consultation can be scheduled during your dental re-care  appointment (your biannual cleaning/exam) at no extra charge, but please specify your interest in the consultation when calling to schedule in combination with a re-care appointment so the appropriate length of time may be reserved for your appointment.

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