Cost of Treatment

juvederm packaging

The Tooth Booth charges per syringe of Juvederm used rather than per area which means savings for our patients.

Most patients can achieve a refreshed esthetic result from only one syringe, but Dr. Hughes and Ashton will inform you of how many syringes will be required at your consult appointment.  We charge $50 for Botox or Juvederm consults alone (which will be credited toward your Botox/Juvederm services if you should go forward with treatment), or a consultation can be scheduled during your dental re-care appointment (your biannual cleaning/exam) at no extra charge, but please specify your interest in the consultation when you call so the appropriate appointment can be made.

We charge $605 per syringe used in your treatment reguardless of where it is used.  

The type of Juvederm used in our lip aumentation/enhancement procedures is a different material, and therefore is an additional cost.  See our lip augmentation tab to research this procedure including cost.

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