Treatment of Bruxism

As a dental profesional, Dr. Hughes specializes in aspects of Botox treatment foreign to other practitioners (including the treatment of “gummy smiles” and bruxism) as Dr. Hughes and Ashton take great consideration in how the teeth and smile relate to the surrounding facial tissues for an overall facial esthetic and comfort.

Bruxism is the clenching or grinding of the teeth which can cause all sorts of problems including worn/broken/fractured teeth, chronic head/neck aches, strained vision, ear pain, tempromandibular joint pain/clicking, and enlarged/squared jawline.  Botox injections into the muscles responsible for bruxism relaxes these areas resulting in a diminished force of these muscles and the betterment of observed symptoms as a result.

bruxism trigger points

jaw reduction

The treatment of bruxism using Botox takes about 10 units per trigger area (so 20-40 units total since a muscle cannot be treated unilaterally).

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