Tips for Using the Dual-pump TNS Chamber

SkinMedica’s TNS Advanced + AND Essential has a very unique dual-pump chamber with an efficient vacuum system. It’s a very effective way to help get the products all the way up and out so you’re using every last drop. But because it is not the typical straw that you would see going down into theContinue reading “Tips for Using the Dual-pump TNS Chamber”

Guided Implant Placement in the Fearful Patient

Read below to get all the deets on one of our most recent surgical cases including how mild oral sedation can help the fearful patient & how guided surgery is becoming the standard of care—and for good reason.   This is the planning (top) and postoperative (bottom) image of a recent case we finished inContinue reading “Guided Implant Placement in the Fearful Patient”

Crown Replacement in the Esthetic Smile Zone

Patient’s chief complaint- “My front tooth is ugly and holds my lip out.  I don’t want to smile anymore.” She had trauma to the tooth 20+ years ago resulting in a root canal treatment then. Root canaled teeth commonly turn dark and are difficult to disguise, even with a full coverage crown at times. AContinue reading “Crown Replacement in the Esthetic Smile Zone”

How to care for a toothache…

So all the snow has meant some snow days for our office which has me snowed in at the pink house, and after eating every carb in the place, snuggling with my precious pups and my even cuter baby (definitely check out our Instagram @junkpony to check him out if you’re not already following us),Continue reading “How to care for a toothache…”

In case you’re due when she’s due, don’t fret…

With the news of Dr. Hughes expecting, you may be asking yourself, “What if my dental appointment is due when Dr. Hughes’ baby is due?”     To answer your questions about care while Dr. Hughes is out for maternity leave, we wanted to ease your concerns with the following information. 1.  General Supervision HygieneContinue reading “In case you’re due when she’s due, don’t fret…”

Dr. Hughes has some BIG news! Watch this surprise ending.

After 10 years of marriage with 5 years of trying to expand their family, being told they had “unexplained infertility”, and some unsuccessful medical intervention, Dr. Hughes and her husband were presented with the choice of in-vitro fertilization or adoption.  They chose adoption, but after some difficulty and a few disappointments with this process too,Continue reading “Dr. Hughes has some BIG news! Watch this surprise ending.”

More advanced Botox/Juviderm training with the American Academy of Facial Esthetics…

A member of the Academy of Facial Esthetics, Dr. Hughes along with Tooth Booth registered dental hygienists, Ashton and Megan, were in the ATL last week training with the academy on more advanced Botox and Juviderm techniques, which included methods to perform eyebrow lifts, cheek augmentation, lip augmentation, treating hypertrophied massetter muscles causing a resultantContinue reading “More advanced Botox/Juviderm training with the American Academy of Facial Esthetics…”

The girls are away for MORE continuing education this week…

Did you know that dentists are only required to have around 30 hours of continuing education every 2 years, but the ladies at The Tooth Booth usually exceed that amount prior to March in that first year?…and we’re not talking about the lame free CE in the back of the dental publications but CE fromContinue reading “The girls are away for MORE continuing education this week…”

Learn more about Dr. Hughes via Lindsay Williams’ blog post

Get to know Dr. Hughes a little better (all while discovering the official photographer of The Tooth Booth & Hughes family) via Lindsay Williams’ blog post. See more of Lindsay’s work at!