Insurance & Payment Options

We accept most dental insurance plans.

**Please note that this is not a complete list of all our contracted insurance carriers.  If you have a question about a specific dental carrier or plan, please call our office at 270-866-4101 to inquire.  Our front office team is happy to help.

ATTENTION: We are not currently contracted with any form of Medicaid. 

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No dental coverage?…No problem!

We’ve got you covered.

cropped-tooth-booth-logo-and-title.jpgDENTAL PLAN

NO annual max, deductibles, claim forms, waiting periods, pre-existing limitations!

*Call our office at 270-866-4101 to learn more about our plan or stop by for a brochure.


Would monthly payments make your dental treatment more financially obtainable?

                   We accept…screen-shot-2016-07-17-at-12-56-18-pm_zpskzlep1vc

Click the Care Credit icon above to apply.  The process is brief and easy.

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