Lower Face Rejuvenation


Dermal fillers are a fabulous way to see immediate and obvious rejuvenation to the lower face & mouth, yet not so obvious that it looks like you’ve “had work done.” The goal is a natural looking, fresher you. Friends will be guessing about new beauty products or a recent mini vaca.

This case is before & immediately after .8 ml of Juvederm XC & .5 ml of the all new Juvederm Volbella in a stacked technique to treat nasiolabial folds (those deep lines we all eventually get that lead from the corners of our nose down to our mouth), marionette lines (those folds that run from the corners of the mouth to the chin area) , downturned oral commissures (corners of the mouth), perioral lines (those lines that your lipstick bleeds into) and minor volume loss of the lips. The patient was adequately anesthetized intraorally (a big perk of a cosmetic dentist administering your dermal fillers) prior to the procedures for maximum comfort (our patient and staff literally laughed through the whole appointment).  Seeing as I don’t have to worry about the comfort of my patient (that just isn’t achieved through topical anesthetics more commonly used), I can better concentrate on our results.

Results on this case will look even better at the two week re-check appt once the area has healed completely & has had adequate time to hydrate as Juvederm’s mechanism of action isn’t just through the injection of the martial itself.  Juvederm is hyaluronic acid, a remarkable natural product that holds water.  Think along the lines of a sponge.  Thanks to this, hydration (which in itself has awesome aesthetic effects on the skin and tissues) causes your Juvederm injections to look even better after further building natural volume to the once depleted areas.  The immediate gratification of dermal fillers never cease to amaze us either though!  These cases are a team favorite at the office.

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Dr. H 💋

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