In case you’re due when she’s due, don’t fret…

With the news of Dr. Hughes expecting, you may be asking yourself,

“What if my dental appointment is due when Dr. Hughes’ baby is due?”  


To answer your questions about care while Dr. Hughes is out for maternity leave, we wanted to ease your concerns with the following information.

1.  General Supervision Hygiene Appointments—  Our hygienists will put their general supervision certificates to good use while Dr. Hughes is out with the new addition.  Under general supervision guidelines, qualified hygienists can see healthy, existing patients of record who are on a regular recall schedule by providing prescribed x-rays and dental hygiene services while the doctor is out.  The treating hygienist will review the x-rays and notes from the appointment with the doctor who will make diagnosises and order any needed follow-up appointments for said patient.  Megan and/or Ashton will inform you at your upcoming hygiene appointment as to whether your next hygiene visit will fall during Dr. Hughes’ time away and whether you qualify to see the ladies under general supervision guidelines during that time.  If you approve of a general supervision hygiene visit, then they will schedule you accordingly so that your recall schedule with us stays on track.

2.  Dentist Coverage—  Aside from the general supervision hygiene days we have planned, Dr. Hughes is working hard to find coverage while she’s out.  We are aware that most patients will want to delay any non-urgent dental treatment needs until Dr, Hughes returns to the office, but we are working to find a dentist to provide your urgent dental treatment in our office with the same great staff you’re accustomed to seeing.

3.  Dr. Hughes doesn’t plan on being away long—  Don’t expect Dr. Hughes to take an extended maternity leave.  She will be back in action as soon as possible.

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